john is the author of six books that offer support, encouragement and inspiration.

The Little Book of Canadian Kindness, shares the spirit of what it means to “Be Canadian” and asks, “If I’m not committed to kindness, compassion, generosity, empathy and growth, what am I committed to?”
Help Me I Hurt looks at losses that we have suffered and shows us how to manage our hurt so that we don’t become disabled by our grief.
Under Pressure asks, if we are ready to live our lives differently? Do we have the courage to challenge our training and the expected status quo and make important life changes?
One left of L shows us kindness is essential in order to be in any relationship. With kindness we can make the world and ourselves new and hopeful.

I Can’t Stop Crying is a compassionate and honest guide for those who are grieving and A Handbook for Kindness and Hope offers us a series of reflections that will help us as we face life’s challenges.

john is also a contributor to I Don’t Know What to Say… How to Help and Support Someone Who is Dying by Dr. Robert Buckman.