This blog has been created to coincide with the release of I Can’t Stop Crying, Grief and Recovery a Compassionate Guide.

Today with so much information and interaction available, those looking for help or searching for more information have the world and it’s resources at their fingertips.

The I Can’t Stop Crying Blog is here so that those who hurt from grief might have a place to go for information or help. It will also provide those who search, an opportunity to see that their feelings are probably not unique and that they are not alone in their sadness.

The hope is that many topics will be covered and that you might be able to, after the blog gets going, find an area where you have questions, need information or feel lost. All of this is so that those who hurt over the loss of someone or something dear to them will have a resource that provides some assistance.

I will make an entry at least once a week and more often than weekly if the demand asks for that.

I often get lost in instructions, so we have made the format very easy to understand. The topic for the entry will appear in green and the, comments or story will follow as regular looking text.

I want you to understand that if you send a comment, concern or a story, I will use it so that other readers can lean from your experience. So that you might remain somewhat anonymous, however, I will not use your name or anything else that would identify who you are. Using your feedback will allow others to learn from your situation. When you are grieving one of the common feelings is that of being alone and not understood in your sadness. Sharing the stories and concerns of others will help that feeling of isolation.

All submissions have to be checked before they are posted, so please bear with us. Just because you do not see your question, concern or story appear immediately does not mean that there is a problem. The submission just needs to be checked before it appears for all to see.

If, however, you wish to communicate with me directly and not use the blog you may feel free to do so, by writing to me at You may have to give me a day or two, but I will answer each email that I receive. Should something happen that prevents me from living up to that commitment I will make sure to post a change in pattern and expectation on the page.

I want to be clear and say that this kind of format is foreign to me. A short time ago I began Facebook pages to promote my work and I confess I am still getting the hang of that. The more that I use the internet and social media, however, the more that I am learning that the best way to communicate is to write as though I am speaking with others.

So if things get a little clumsy or I make a mistake please forgive me. In time this will become more natural and hopefully, will turn into a positive and effective way for sharing and communicating.

I am looking forward to what may lie ahead.

I Can’t Stop Crying

The Handbook for Grief and Recovery

Change yourself, change the world.