I have long been aware that when you are grieving your focus and concentration are not at their usual level. It can be very difficult to remember things and very hard to hone in and stay with a thought. Sometimes it can even be tough to keep your thoughts in order or to keep you memory working in your typical and expected way.

All of this is usual, expected and “normal”. Don’t worry if you are fuzzy or lack the ability to concentrate or focus. If someone you love recently died, you are very likely suffering from emotional shock, and as a result many things are “not what they used to be.”

This past week someone commented to me that they like the blog posts and even look forward to them but they find them a little long.

Even though I know the struggles of someone who is grieving, I have been guilty of writing too much each week.

From now on I will try hard to keep the entries shorter so that there isn’t so much to take in or remember.

If a topic deserves a lot of words I will break it into more than one entry.