Last week I received a delivery of a small number of books from the United Sates. When the order has a value of more than $20.00 there are fees to be paid.

I was called from the desk downstairs in the building where I live and I went to pay the man who delivers our mail.

I took the small box upstairs, took out the books, folded the box and put it down the recycling garbage chute.

At about 9 o’clock that night my phone rang and it was the postman calling, he was agitated and upset.

“Do you have the box I gave you this afternoon?” he wanted to know.

“No, I got rid of it shortly after I opened it”. I replied

There was a slight groan followed by silence, and then,

“ I forgot to take the attached packing slip and my supervisor is not happy with me.”

“You’re going to get in trouble?” I asked

“Yes, maybe, but hopefully not too much,” was his replay.

I was less than hopeful but went immediately downstairs and asked the security guard to take me to the garbage room. He showed me the large bin for recyclable material and I began to dig.

Within minutes I spotted the box, the guard used a long sharp tool to retrieve it and I went happily upstairs to call the postman.

I told him I had the box, found the slip he needed and we agreed that I would leave it in my mailbox for him to collect the next day.

I made his night, but far more importantly I made mine.

I was overjoyed at being able to be of actual, tangible help to this man. I was thrilled at being able to have the chance to give him exactly what he needed when he needed it.

Sure he got the packing slip but I spent the rest of the night feeling so happy and pleased that I was able to be of assistance.

When you are kind or considerate towards others, the reward is instant and huge. You have so much to gain and everything feels completely different.