Help Me I Hurt

We have all suffered loss. We know the feeling of being heartbroken.
Someone or something very close to us was taken away and we are left hurt, alone and full of feelings we don’t know what to do with.

Grief is not only for those who mourn the loss of a dear one’s life. Grief belongs to all of us.

Every time there is loss, there must be grief in order for those who hurt to heal and recover.

Help Me I Hurt, looks at places where we have suffered loss, explains what’s happing to us when we are grieving and offers ways to deal with the pain and confusion.

Many of life’s losses never get addressed and cause problems in our daily lives.

Help Me I Hurt will help you identify losses that have caused you hurt and it will help you process feelings you may have never dealt with.

See if even now, maybe years after you pushed it away, there isn’t some chance to uncover the wound and finally begin to feel better.

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First impressions of Help Me I Hurt:

“This is an important book about grief.  John Martin goes beyond permission to grieve and emphasizes a process vital to our physical and mental health.”
Dr. Michael Gagnon, Medical Director Bethell Hospice

“This book empowers the reader to help those in the deepest despair. Highly recommended.”
Dr. Andrew Wilk, Palliative Care physician, Durham Regional Cancer Centre

“This book is a valuable tool for anyone who has suffered a loss or is supporting someone who is grieving. John Martin validates all forms of loss and acknowledges the experience of pain with a kind and empathetic voice. A recommended read for those that have lost and those who care for them.”
Margaret Paan MN BScN RN, Director, Central West Palliative Care Network