Everything changes with attitude and desire.

Everything can be altered going forward as easily as stepping away from a screen or painting the walls a new colour.

If we did not buy games that show person against person, or attend films that are full of hatred and violence there would be a shift and those things would find a much less significant spot in the world.

If we stopped watching television shows that put person against person and display greedy, selfish behavior as admirable and desirable, the change would be felt immediately.

If we paid closer attention to places that represent kindness and peace, compassion and sensitivity, the shift would be instant.

When I was young, the religious buildings were full on the Sabbath. I am not promoting organized religion but there was at least a consistent message of peace, kindness, compassion and caring that came from the front.

The attention while often too self-serving and “save yourself” orientated, also paused regularly to ask the people who filled the seats to consider others. It asked those present to do what they could to make the world a kinder, gentler place.

It could easily be argued that whether people went to services or not made no difference. Ugly, selfish and angry still flourished. Hypocrisy was rampant.

Nevertheless, there were voices that tried to be heard and messages that were important.

Today the voices are quiet. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in Washington 50 years ago begging people to listen and consider things differently. Yet still selfish, mean and ugly thrive and gain strength.

King is memorialized, remembered and spoken of as a legend, a groundbreaker and a world changer but his message and the message of others like him has become very difficult to hear because the volume of today and what today carries with it is so loud.