For you Richard..
I sat with Richard a few days ago. His young son had died very recently. He was beside himself, consumed with hurt, really having little idea what to do or how to respond to his pain.

“I hurt more today than I did yesterday. It’s not getting better and there is so little help.”

 “People know my story, they know that Alan just died and yet they either say things that aren’t helpful, things that make me angry or they act like today is just another day.”

 “Can’t they see my life is in pieces? Can’t they see I need help, that I need something?”

 “I have even been told to get on with my life, to move on. Move on, I can barely stand, or breath, how am I supposed to move on?”

Richard hurts and he needs people to understand, to care and to offer him a little sensitivity and kindness. Richard does not have a disease that can be caught or spread, he is not mentally ill or clinically depressed and he is not a danger to himself or anyone else. Richard is grieving, he has a broken heart and a trampled on spirit.

Poor Richard is everywhere. Every moment of every day someone who has just had a loved one die, becomes broken. All they really need from all of us who are not in the throes of grief ourselves is a little kindness and understanding.

Richard’s life will never be the same going forward but that does not mean that with a little support, help, and kindness that he won’t get through this and come out the other side ok.

Richard will need new lenses from here going forward because everything will look different but he will come to be all right.

Please; when you encounter Richard, his family or any who are damaged from the heavy weight and pain of grief, offer them a little kindness. Show them what we all need. Give them care, support ,kindness and humanity in a very difficult time.